The Process

Ethicoco is one of the few Bean to Bar chocolate producers in the UK - but what does this mean?

The creation of craft chocolate goes through many stages and takes a long time (several days in fact). It starts of course with the import of only the very best fine raw cacao beans from only trusted sources around the world. No slavery, no child labour.

The beans are first gently roasted in a rotating drum, triggering changes within them, until they reach the perfect combination of intricate chocolate flavours- just like excellent coffee. Most chocolate makers don’t do this part of the process, so they can’t control the perfect flavour.

After this, it’s essential to sort through the beans and discard any that don’t meet the high standards expected. This can mean hand sorting ten thousand beans in a single day!

Once cooled, the shells are removed and the beans are ground and conched into a smooth liquid using traditional granite machines. This process that can take two or three days while the final flavours develop within this mass and the bitterness you find in cheap chocolate evaporates.

At this point any other required ingredients (cocoa butter, sugar and milk alternatives) are added to get the flavoured bars that Ethicoco offers.

Finally, once the chocolate mass is ground silky smooth, the chocolate is tempered and poured into molds to create the perfect bars, which are then hand wrapped ready to be shipped.