Chocolate Spread

Chocolate Spread

If you're tired of having to enjoy chocolate spreads made with over 55% sugar, perhaps it's time to try our offering! Just 24% coconut palm sugar, no nasty additives or fake sugars, just great taste! Made with toasted sunflower seeds to maintain a nut free environment. As a bonus, it's free of palm oil and uses much healthier cocoa butter and rapeseed (canola) oil.

100% vegan and natural ingredients, no nasty artificial pesticides. Created from the highest quality cocoa beans for a full chocolate bursting with flavour that can only come from artisanal hand crafted chocolate.

Ingredients: toasted sunflower seeds, coconut palm sugar, cacao beans, rapeseed oil, vanilla bean, sunflower lecithin.
Size: 300g

Nutritional information available upon request.

Price: £5.99